WELCOME TO American Airlines

This is the simulation of an Airline Company within the Virtual Airlines pilot career system.
We constantly update routes based on real flights.
In order to be able to fly in this company, the pilot must have the minimum RANK for the category of the aircraft.
This company does not have a real CEO, it is maintained by Virtual Airlines.

Esta é a simulação de uma Companhia Aéreas dentro do sistema Virtual Airlines carreira de piloto.
Atualizamos constantemente as rotas com base nos voos reais.
Para poder voar nesta companhia, o piloto deve ter o RANK mínimo para a categoria das aeronaves.
Esta companhia não tem um CEO real, ela é mantida pela Virtual Airlines.


Reputation 79%
Balance 1.676.990.322,96
Active Pilots 0
Aircraft in fleet 3.118
Routes 3.118
Total hours 200.54h
Total Flights 35
Flights Regular 17
Flights Charter 18
% Flights Regular 48.57%


DatePilotDepArrTime DistRatingTouchdown
 18/02/2018Bruno Mancebo SUMU SAME 1.75h 710Nm 95% -139.95ft/min
 16/02/2018Bruno Mancebo SBCG SUMU 2.14h 929Nm 110% -93.81ft/min
 12/02/2018Raphael Henrique EGPH KJFK 7.47h 2,910Nm 95% -118.42ft/min
 11/02/2018Raphael Henrique KJFK KMCO 2.51h 950Nm 95% -103.04ft/min
 03/01/2018Bruno Mancebo MZBZ MHTG 0.79h 249Nm 90% -412.16ft/min
 27/12/2017José Tomé KMIA SBEG 4.73h 2,173Nm 75% -147.64ft/min
 25/12/2017Raphael Henrique EDDF KDFW 10.24h 4,605Nm 85% -136.1ft/min
 25/12/2017José Tomé SBEG KMIA 4.63h 2,103Nm 110% -116.88ft/min
 03/10/2017Thiago Correa OAKB VNKT 2.11h 1,175Nm 100% -196.08ft/min
 30/07/2017Raphael Henrique VHHH KLAX 12.12h 21,590Nm 80% -278.36ft/min



TOP VS WEEK (G force 1.0)

CallsignPilotTouch (ft/min)
AFR1985Bruno Mancebo -31.27 ft/min
AAL279Raphael Henrique -59.21 ft/min
AAL1985Bruno Mancebo -69.98 ft/min