AirlinePilotDepArrFlight stage Aircraft type% CompletedPending NM
Virtual Airlines Company Cesar Luiz Marques SBPA SBCX CRUISE C208 92 4

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Reputation 98%
Balance 1.311.316.424,11
Active Pilots 7
Aircraft in fleet 87
Routes 97
Total hours 2610.09h
Total Flights 2.236
Flights Regular 213
Flights Charter 2023
% Flights Regular 9.53%


DatePilotDepArrTime DistRatingTouchdown
 09/12/2018Cesar Luiz Marques SBCX SBPA 0.57h 81Nm 105% -247.6ft/min
 09/12/2018José Tomé SATR SAAR 1.56h 259Nm 105% -29.99ft/min
 08/12/2018José Tomé SARP SATR 1.85h 235Nm 95% -206.08ft/min
 08/12/2018Kallani Ourique  SBJR SBCP 0.92h 150Nm 110% -58.44ft/min
 08/12/2018Kallani Ourique  SBPA SBUG 2.01h 307Nm 110% -126.11ft/min
 07/12/2018Kallani Ourique  SBPK SBPA 0.77h 125Nm 105% -54.6ft/min
 07/12/2018Kallani Ourique  SBBG SBPK 0.60h 102Nm 95% -146.87ft/min
 07/12/2018Kallani Ourique  SBUG SBBG 1.03h 189Nm 95% -102.27ft/min
 07/12/2018Kallani Ourique  SBNM SBUG 1.17h 208Nm 100% -93.04ft/min
 07/12/2018Kallani Ourique  SBCX SBNM 0.93h 172Nm 110% -173.01ft/min



TOP VS WEEK (G force 1.0)

CallsignPilotTouch (ft/min)
VAS1001Kallani Ourique -6.92 ft/min
VAS 1030Kallani Ourique -19.48 ft/min
VAL1005Kallani Ourique -27.30 ft/min
VAS1023Kallani Ourique -31.01 ft/min
VAS1011Kallani Ourique -42.04 ft/min
VAS1002Cesar Luiz Marques -57.16 ft/min
VAS1009Kallani Ourique -57.67 ft/min
PT-VAS19José Tomé -60.75 ft/min
PT-VAS18José Tomé -61.52 ft/min
VAS1001Cesar Luiz Marques -67.15 ft/min