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Reputation 98%
Balance 1.706.775.758,91
Active Pilots 4
Aircraft in fleet 87
Routes 97
Total hours 3275.29h
Total Flights 2.686
Flights Regular 293
Flights Charter 2393
% Flights Regular 10.91%


DatePilotDepArrTime DistRatingTouchdown
 18/08/2019José Tomé SBFZ SOCA 2.47h 1,090Nm 85% -132.26ft/min
 17/08/2019Thiago Correa VVTS VTSS 1.24h 512Nm 105% -23.07ft/min
 16/08/2019Márcio Delucca SPTU SPJL 1.14h 193Nm 105% -103.81ft/min
 14/08/2019José Tomé SULS SBGL 2.19h 1,027Nm 110% -222.99ft/min
 12/08/2019José Tomé SAWH SULS 2.87h 1,372Nm 85% -229.92ft/min
 12/08/2019Mario Da Silva Hilario EFTU EFTP 0.52h 108Nm 110% -89.2ft/min
 09/08/2019José Tomé SBCZ SWEI 1.00h 200Nm 100% -151.48ft/min
 09/08/2019Mario Da Silva Hilario EFMA EFTU 0.58h 78Nm 105% -179.16ft/min
 09/08/2019Bruno Mancebo EFMA EFTU 0.56h 80Nm 95% -257.6ft/min
 09/08/2019Bruno Mancebo ESSA EFMA 0.67h 94Nm 110% -231.45ft/min



TOP VS WEEK (G force 1.0)

CallsignPilotTouch (ft/min)
LOK168Thiago Correa -11.54 ft/min
PRKLNMario Da Silva Hilario -29.73 ft/min
A32012José Tomé -74.33 ft/min
A32011José Tomé -132.26 ft/min
A32012José Tomé -229.92 ft/min