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Reputation 105%
Balance 1.823.090.741,65
Active Pilots 6
Aircraft in fleet 38.858
Routes 42.082
Total hours 903.01h
Total Flights 648
Flights Regular 100
Flights Charter 548
% Flights Regular 15.43%


DateCompanyPilotDep ArrTime DistAirplaneType Touchdown G ForceRating
 22/04/2017 VAS José T. ULAA USTR 3.79h 678Nm C208 Charter -147.64ft/min 1.6 85%
 22/04/2017 VAS Jhamyl V. SBUG SBPA 0.52h 324Nm C208 VAS1012 -203ft/min 1.8 75%
 22/04/2017 VAS José T. NZWN NZDV 0.65h 90Nm C208 Charter -31.01ft/min 1 110%
 22/04/2017 VAS José T. LTBA LGTS 1.72h 268Nm C208 Charter -72.79ft/min 1 95%
 21/04/2017 VAS Thiago C. LDZD LIMC 0.92h 326Nm L188 Charter -4.61ft/min 1 100%
 21/04/2017 VAS José T. LGTS LATI 1.08h 176Nm C208 Charter -30.38ft/min 1.1 85%
 21/04/2017 VAS Thiago C. LGTS LATI 0.60h 182Nm L188 Charter -7.69ft/min 1 110%
 21/04/2017 VAS Thiago C. LTBA LGTS 0.99h 285Nm L188 Charter -21.79ft/min 1 100%
 21/04/2017 VAS José T. NZWN NZDV 0.76h 111Nm C208 Charter -80.74ft/min 1.6 95%
 21/04/2017 VAS Márcio D. NZWN NZDV 0.72h 121Nm DHC6 Charter -323.73ft/min 1.5 85%
 21/04/2017 VAS Thiago C. NZWN NZDV 0.61h 97Nm C208 Charter -90.74ft/min 1.4 100%
 20/04/2017 VAS Thiago C. NZKI NZWN 0.59h 91Nm C208 Charter -36.91ft/min 1.1 105%
 20/04/2017 VAS José T. NZGM NZWN 0.56h 82Nm C208 Charter -33.58ft/min 1 110%
 20/04/2017 VAS Jhamyl V. SBUG SBPA 0.56h 317Nm C208 VAS1012 -55.88ft/min 1 90%
 20/04/2017 VAS José T. NZAA NZTG 0.30h 47Nm C208 Charter -117.65ft/min 1.7 95%


TOP VS WEEK (G force 1.0)

CallsignPilotTouch (ft/min)
IGLU168Thiago Correa-4.61 ft/min
IGLU168Thiago Correa-7.69 ft/min
IGLU168Thiago Correa-13.07 ft/min
3115Eber Santanna-18.84 ft/min
IGLU168Thiago Correa-18.84 ft/min
PTMBOBruno Mancebo-19.61 ft/min
VAS1José Tomé-19.61 ft/min
IGLU168Thiago Correa-21.79 ft/min
VAS1José Tomé-28.19 ft/min
VAS1José Tomé-30.38 ft/min


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